About Us

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Moreno is about understanding people.

Successful people understand that all people see things differently. We may all appear to look the same from first glance but with all the differences in our life experiences to date, chances are each person will see something different in what you have to say.

Understanding people is both an art and a science. The science can be taught. The art comes through practice. Moreno is about teaching the science of human beings being human.

Understanding people takes time, and like a well cooked meal, it's worth the wait. Unfortunately, a lot of todays training and self-development is shallow and simplistic: A ‘learn this and you will be able to do that', one-size-fits-all view of people. But human beings don't work this way: real life is complex and unpredictable and our responses are varied and unique.

Understanding this differences is important. Recognising motivation and need in yourself, others and groups is essential. Understanding motivation and need is a part of understanding people. Developing this capability is a human task for all human beings who work along side one another.

Moreno teaches methods that look at life in all its complexity and chaos from a different perspective using a straightforward approach. This way you can meet situations and react with clarity and confidence.

What we do promise is to support your journey towards a better understanding of people.